MEGA 2021

Contributed talks



Matilde Manzaroli, Mario Kummer and Cédric Le Texier Real-fibered morphisms of del Pezzo surfaces and conic bundles
Marcin Dumnicki, Tomasz Szemberg and Justyna Szpond Local effectivity in projective spaces

Paria Abbasi, Andreas Klingler and Tim Netzer

Approximate Completely Positive Semidefinite Rank

Tom Drescher, Gemma de Las Cuevas and Tim Netzer

Quantum Magic Squares: Dilations and their Limitations

Philipp di Dio and Mario Kummer

The multidimensional truncated Moment Problem: Caratheodory Numbers from Hilbert Functions

Daniele Agostini, Claudia Fevola, Yelena Mandelshtam and Bernd Sturmfels

KP Solitons from Tropical Limits

Rida Ait El Manssour and Anna-Laura Sattelberger

Combinatorial Differential Algebra of $x^p$

Boulos El Hilany and Elias Tsigaridas

Computing efficiently the non-properness set of polynomial maps on the plane

Francesco Galuppi and Alessandro Oneto

On the defectivity of Segre-Veronese varieties via collapsing points

Gemma De Las Cuevas, Andreas Klingler and Tim Netzer

Approximate tensor decompositions: disappearance of many separations

Azhar Farooq, Jan Draisma and Rob Eggermont

Components of symmetric wide-matrix varietie

Michela Ceria, Teo Mora and Andrea Visconti

Degroebnerization and its applications: a new approach for data modelling.

Victor Magron and Jie Wang

TSSOS: a Julia library to exploit sparsity for large-scale polynomial optimization

Felipe Cucker, Alperen Ergur and Josué Tonelli-Cueto

Functional norms, condition numbers and numerical algorithms in algebraic geometry

Reynaldo Staffolani

Schur apolarity

Evelyne Hubert and Erick Rodriguez Bazan

Algorithms for fundamental invariants and equivariants

Edoardo Ballico, Alessandra Bernardi and Pierpaola Santarsiero

Identifiability of rank-3 tensors

Alessandra Bernardi, Claudia De Lazzari and Fulvio Gesmundo

Dimension of Tensor Network Varieties

Yairon Cid Ruiz

Equations and multidegrees for inverse symmetric matrix pairs

Laurent Manivel, Mateusz Michalek, Leonid Monin, Tim Seynnaeve and Martin Vodicka

Complete quadrics: Schubert calculus for Gaussian models and semidefinite programming

Lorenzo Baldi and Bernard Mourrain

Exact Moment Representation in Polynomial Optimization

Charles Wang

Cluster Duality for Lagrangian and Orthogonal Grassmannians

Philippe Moustrou, Helen Naumann, Cordian Riener, Thorsten Theobald and Hugues Verdure

Symmetries in AM/GM-based optimization

David Papp

Duality of sum of nonnegative circuit polynomials and optimal SONC bounds

Alperen Ergur and Timo de Wolff

A Polyhedral Homotopy Algorithm for Real Zeros

Christoph Hanselka and Mario Kummer

Positive Ulrich Sheaves

Reynald Lercier, Christophe Ritzenthaler and Jeroen Sijsling

Functionalities for genus 2 and 3 curves

Carlos Améndola, Mathias Drton, Alexandros Grosdos, Roser Homs and Elina Robeva

Higher Moment Varieties of Non-Gaussian Graphical Models

Momonari Kudo and Shushi Harashita

Parametrizing generic curves of genus five and its application to finding curves with many rational points

Sebastian Falkensteiner, José Cano and Rafael Sendra

Algebraic and Puiseux series solutions of systems of autonomous algebraic ODEs of dimension one in several variables

Matteo Gallet, Jan Legerský and Josef Schicho

Characterizing infinite graphs allowing flexible frameworks

Alessandra Bernardi, Alessandro Oneto and Daniele Taufer

On the regularity of cactus schemes

Eduardo Saenz-De-Cabezon and Rodrigo Iglesias

Cellular structure of the Pommaret-Seiler resolution for quasi-stable ideals (extended abstract)

Josue Tonelli-Cueto

A numerical algorithm for zero counting. IV: An adaptive speedup

Elie Eid

Computing isogenies between Jacobians of hyperelliptic curves of arbitrary genus via differential equations

Hana Melanova

Resolution of Algebraic Curves via Geometric Invariants

Maria Macaulay and David Papp

Dual certificates and efficient rational sum-of-squares decompositions for polynomial optimization over compact sets

Marvin Anas Hahn

Mustafin degenerations: Between applied and arithmetic geometry

Nathanael Cox

Effective algorithm for computing quotients of semi-algebraic equivalence relations

J. Maurice Rojas

Counting Real Roots in Polynomial-Time for Systems Supported on Circuits

Oguzhan Yürük, Timo de Wolff, Elisenda Feliu and Nidhi Kaihnsa

Multistationarity in $n-$site phosphorylation