MEGA 2021

Poster presentations

The following have been accepted for poster presentations

    Carlos Améndola, Luis David Garcia Puente, Roser Homs, Olga Kuznetsova and Harshit Jitendra Motwani Computing Maximum Likelihood Estimates for Gaussian Graphical Models with Macaulay2
    Abhilash Nayak C-space Analysis using Tropical Geometry
    Carmine Sessa, Davide Franco and Francesca Cioffi Polynomial identities related to Special Schubert varieties
    Barinder Singh Banwait Quadratic Isogeny Primes
    Jesse Vogel Computing E-polynomials
    Laura Brustenga i Moncusí, Elisa Cazzador and Roser Homs Inverting catalecticants of ternary quartics
    Felix Röhrle and Johannes Schwab Realizability of tropical pluri-canonical divisors
    Julius Giesler Kanev surfaces as hypersurfaces in toric 3-folds
    Roser Homs Pons, Joachim Jelisiejew, Mateusz Michalek and Tim Seynnaeve Bounds on complexity of matrix multiplication away from CW tensors
    Daniel Miguel, Andrea Guidolin, Ana Romero and Julio Rubio Towards a new spectral system combining Serre and Eilenberg–Moore spectral sequences
    Mirte van der Eyden, Gemma De Las Cuevas and Tim Netzer Ob=n tensor-stable positivity: computational complexity and field extensions
    Luca Sodomaco Asymptotics of degrees of generalized Kalman varieties
    Christopher Gadzinski Inferring Polynomial Relationships from Partial Data Using Matrix Rank Minimization
    Olga Kuznetsova and Luca Sodomaco p-degree of unirational varieties
    Felix Rydell, Kathlén Kohn, Rainer Sinn and Stefan Dye Climbing the wall
    Aditya Kapilavai Algorithms for distance computations between 3-RPR configurations
    Pardis Semnani and Elina Robeva The Set of Orthogonal Tensor Trains