Buses in Tromsø:

Buses are probably the most convenient way for you to move during the week. We recommend to download the two following apps:

1) Troms Mobillett:


You can buy your ticket with this app. You only need a tiket for 1 zone – even if you use it from and to the airport. If you plan to take the bus every day (or more than eight times), the best option for you will be to buy a one week ticket. Be careful: if you buy your ticket on the bus, it will be more expensive than if you use the app.

2) TromsReise


This is the app to check the bus schedule and plan your travels.

In case you do not want to use the app, you should also be able to get a one-way ticket (or a 24 hour pass) at the machine by the bus stop. Then if you want to get a one-week card, you have to go to WITO Kiosk (Storgata 68, next to the bus stop Wito).