Tromsø is best reached by plane. However, the more adventurous conference participants may consider to arrive by train and bus, by boat or by car.

Air travel
Tromsø (airport code: TOS) has a fairly large airport with about 100 daily departures and arrivals. In most cases, you will firstly fly to Oslo from there fly with either SAS or Norwegian directly to Tromsø. There are also seasonal direct flights to currently 11 international destinations: Brussels, Frankfurt, Gdansk, Gran Canaria, Helsinki, Kittilä, Copenhagen, London, München, Stockholm and Zürich.

To/from the airport
The airport is located about 5 km from the city center. A taxi will cost you around NOK 300. You may also take the airport bus which departs rather soon after all luggage has been delivered for each flight. The airport bus costs NOK 100 for regular tickets, NOK 80 for seniors and NOK 70 for students with a student ID. You can also use the regular buses. (Bus from the airport)

Travel by train/bus
Tromsø is not yet served by any trains (though there is a railway station pub). However, there are daily train services from Stockholm to Narvik, from which you can take a bus service to Tromsø. The bus from Narvik to Tromsø takes about 4,5 hours.

Arrival by boat
Tromsø is served daily by Hurtigruten which runs from Bergen to Kirkenes and back. This is a highly popular tourist activity in summer, and early reservations are recommended. The trip from Bergen to Tromsø takes 4,5 days, from Trondheim to Tromsø takes 2,5 days, and from Kirkenes to Tromsø takes 2 days. On the trip from Bergen and Trondheim to Tromsø, you get to experience the Lofoten islands and pass the arctic circle, on the trip from Kirkenes, you may visit the North Cape.

Arrival by car
Tromsø is quite far from most places. Although driving through Norway along the E6/E8, through Sweden along either the E4 or the E10, or through Finland on E8, can be a scenic drive, it will also be a journey that will take around 16-22 hours from Oslo, Stockholm or Helsinki. Should you consider doing this, we recommend spending even more days to allow you to enjoy the scenary, in particular if driving through Norway.