Practical Information



ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the Coronavirus situation, the conference is postponed to Summer 2021, and we are aiming for either the second half of June or the first half of August.  We are still hopeful that a physical conference can take place in Tromsø (but will look at online options if necessary).  We are actively monitoring the coronavirus situation and hope to announce precise dates by the end of 2020.

The workshop “Geometric Structures and Supersymmetry” will be held 22 – 25 June 2020 at UiT The Arctic University in Tromsø, Norway. The workshop is intended as a meeting place for both mathematicians and physicists interested in related areas of Differential Geometry, Representation Theory and Theoretical Physics motivated by Supersymmetry. The goal of the workshop is to present new results as well as create an open environment for a fruitful exchange of ideas.


Boris Kruglikov, Dennis The, Andrea Santi

Funding is provided by the «Pure Mathematics in Norway» initiative, which is a part of the Mathematics Programme of the Trond Mond Foundation (Trond Mond Stiftelse, TMS) with the collaboration of the Tromsø Research Foundation (Tromsø forskningsstiftelse, TFS).